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3rd Annual Charity Ball Drop August 26th 2018

The winning ball numbers for the 3rd annual ball drop were

1st place - 828

2nd place - 322

3rd place - 955

We will be contacting the winners shortly

1000 tickets have been printed and every effort will be made to sell all of the tickets before the drawing date/time. Any tickets remaining unsold will be deemed to belong to the charity and any prizes that are awarded to any of those tickets will be given directly to the charity.

Any winner of the $50,000 prize MUST be able to produce their original raffle ticket stub, this is a requirement of the insurance company and NOT of the charity!

The drawing of the winning numbers is a fun and creative method called a ball drop, every effort is taken to ensure that all balls make it onto the green and have the same chance as any other ball of making it to the chosen winning hole. Occasionally some balls do not make it onto the green, this is considered part of the randomness of the drawing and does not in anyway invalidate the drawing. We ensure that 1000 balls are tipped onto the green, we are not responsible for the final resting place of any particular ball.

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