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A Very Successful June and July.

I've been pretty busy these past few weeks. Had tournaments in state college and in Ohio. I did really good in the state championship in state college, I shot 72,74, but then came a hiccup. I had a tournament in Philadelphia at concord for a qualifier for the U.S. Junior Open which, to be honest, did not go well. I shot a 89 81. Was not sure what happened, probably just got a little nervous, but I can fix and prepare for next years. After that we went to Canton, Ohio which I had a tournament, still recovering from the bad day in Philly, shot 82,79 but I did play up to the older division which, I think threw me off my game. Although it might have gotten to my head, I shouldn't have let it. After that I had one more tournament in Ohio, which at least I think went well :). I shot a pretty good 69 with one bogey at the end which made me upset, go figure, and 4 birdies. The second day was good as well but not as good, I shot 78 the second day for a total (+3 145). So overall it was a good and fun couple of weeks, I got to play golf at really nice places and I went to cedar point. Hopefully all my upcoming events will turn out to be just as good.

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