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A few long days in July.

I have had a really long few days recently. On July 13th I had the Philadelphia junior championship at Blue Bell Country Club. This wasn't any regular tournament, every boy had to play 36 holes in one day with no caddie. I shot 75-74 from 6600 yards, everyone 13-18 had to shoot from this distance, which is reasonable. I came in tied for 4th in my age division(13-15), and 12th overall (13-18).

Then the next two days I had a Hurricane Major Championship at Makefield Highlands GC - Yardley, PA, in which I have to say I s--ked :(. I shot 76-79 with a triple on the last hole. I ended up coming in second which I wasn't to happy about. I honestly did not play well but the scores are reasonable. Well that's that, I have many tournaments to come which I am very excited about. Peace ✌

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