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My first year of high school golf.

My first year of high school golf has come to an end. I just finished the PIAA State Championships at Heritage Hills country club in York, Pa. This was, I have to say, the most nerve racking tournament I have ever played in. I had the pressure of my parents, my school, and my community hanging around my shoulders. I played well the first day. I shot 74 and was in second place going into the last day. The second day however was not as good. I have to say I did choke the second day, but that is life, it is full of mistakes, and that's how we learn. I shot 86 the last day and ended up in 8 place. I am still very please with how I played throughout the year and I just need to learn from these experiences. I still have my 3 golf tournaments in the Carolinas and Florida. I am just need to practice and figure out what happened to my head. I will keep up to date with these posts, and for today that's all!

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