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Hickory Valley PGA Tournament

A few days ago I had my first junior Philadelphia pga tournament. It was at Hickory Valley Golf Club. I have to say, of course, that they were very tricky courses. There were a lot of dog legs and extremely difficult greens. I shot 78-82 and was very disappointed. I am still working on that swing I have talked about in my previous blog, but that was not the problem this week. The first day was good all round, but I was missing stupid shots and not playing the smartest I should have. The second day was great ball striking but horrific putting. I shot 82 with 9 three putts. I was very disappointed, but I will keep practicing and keep trying. I have the drive chip and putt first stage on Thursday and I am very excited. So, on this note, I will keep writing and keep everyone updated on my game. :)

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