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114th Amateur Qualifier

The u.s amateur qualifier is not my normal tournament. When I play I always feel confident and secure in my competitive surroundings. Here, however, I felt more nervous and I have to say a little scared. The first tee shot was one of my most nervous tee shots. It is my first one of the tournament and I have my girlfriend caddying for me. Although I was nervous, I hit it perfectly down the middle. This was the beginning of a really good day. My scores were 71, 70 in a 36 hole one day event. This was very good for me because my season hasn't been going so well. I had 6 birdies throughout my rounds with 7 bogeys and 23 pars. I played very consistently and held my head high the whole time. I came tied for 5th which was the 2nd alternate spot. I wasn't expecting that result since I am only 15; however, while I was playing throughout the rounds I felt as though I had a chance which was a great feeling.  

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