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Talbot AJGA Junior All-Star

My second AJGA event this year took place at the Talbot Junior All-Star in Easton, Md. I played the qualifier for the tournament as a practice round trying to get performance stars; however, I did not play well. I shot 84 for my first time on the course which wasn't a great confidence booster for the actual tournament. However, I played pretty decent throughout with a 79/77/69. Throughout the tournament I had blisters on the back of my foot whilst walking the three 18 hole rounds which was not a pleasant experience. This tournament I had my mind a little more focused and concentrated because I didn't loose my cool at all. The course was not very difficult, but took some getting used to. I had a very good experience and time with my mom, and I hope to keep my temper the way it was in this tournament throughout all my next ones.  

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