AJGA at Fords Colony, VA

I just finished my AJGA tournament at Ford's Colony today. I played well this week, I shot 73/70/78. My putting the first two days was amazing; however, the last day I couldn't make anything outside 5 feet. Overall I was happy with my play. I know it could have been much better; however, it was my best overall score in one of these events so I'm quite pleased. My mental state this last week I would say was fairly decent. When I shot the 78 I was down a little because I knew I could have done much better; but, it's golf and you just got to accept it, move on, and try and improve on what went wrong. I'm going into my high school season now, and I'm very excited because I really enjoy being on a team and the whole high school golf experience. I am definitely excited for the post season for golf because I want to try and claim that state champion title. Anyway, I came out of this tournament feeling as though I gained something. I had a lot of fun with my dad and I am very thankful for that he took me and gave me the chance to play in this tournament 

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