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George Holliday Memorial

I played in the George Holliday Memorial Tournament in Myrtle Beach over Thanksgiving. I started with a 76-73, and on my last day I was 3 under through 11; however, on the next hole I put my drive under some trees and I struck a root with my 7 iron. I did not see the root due to pine needles, and if I would have addressed the ball it would have moved. Because of this, my right wrist was in a great amount of pain through the rest of the round and I finished with a 74. I played consistently for the first two days with two unnecessary double bogeys on the first day, and a poor effort on the par fives the second day. However, I care out with a tied for ninth out of sixty three; but, I feel as though I could have done much better hence the injured wrist. 

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