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Lehigh Valley Open

I just finished the Leigh Valley Open today. I shot 80-70; however, the last round was cancelled as I finished due to weather. I was very disappointed with my first round I had 8 bogeys and 10 pars. It was by far my worst off the tee game in a long time. I hit trees after trees. I’m the week before this event I have not been able to practice that much because I have been getting ready for my charity tournament. I also have been working out a stiff neck that came a few days ago. I was very proud of my second round. I shot 70 with 2 bogeys, 13 pars, 2 birdies, and an eagle. The eagle was pretty cool because I holed out from 65 yards. I am headed down to Pinehurst now for another tournament, and I hope to bring the momentum from my second round to this tournament. 

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